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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions - we have the answers. Browse our FAQ's to learn more about us and see if we can answer your questions with the information below.

What new products are coming out from Design House?

Our trend-setting designers are always working on new designs and collections to expand our range of products. New products are released with our full-line catalog and some new items are released throughout the year - we communicate these through our website by sending email updates, and through sell sheets distributed by Design House sales representatives. Our customer service team can also give you information about new items.

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When will your new catalog be available?

We usually release our new catalog in the early spring, or in the first quarter of the year.  Our marketing and product teams work diligently all year round to release the annual new catalog.  You can view our current full-line catalog at, and our WholeHouse catalog at on our website.

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When do new sales promotions occur?

Sales promotions are issued quarterly or in between quarters as they become available. New items, special items, and mechandising sets are some typical promotions that we may have. These promotions are distributed electronically to customers that have a vaild email address on file, and through our Design House sales representatives.  We will also post promotions on the Design House website as often as we can.

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How do I place an order online?

We sell our products exclusively to dealers and distributor partners. In the future, online transactions will be handled through our online dealer portal, where customers will secure a dealer login and password, and be able to browse, select products and place orders online. Currently, orders still need to be placed through our customer service team.

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Can I check product inventory online?

Once our online dealer portal is live you will be able to check our product inventory stock status.

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What if I am a consumer or homeowner? How do I order a product online?

Consumers or homeowners that wish to order any of our products can browse through the wide variety of collections and styles available in our online catalog. A number of online retailers carry our products, and they can be ordered through their respective websites. Please visit our dealer locator to learn more.

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If I have an old fixture, faucet or other item, how can I find available spare parts?

The first step is to identify the item's model number, then search our website with that order code. In the product details page, the available spare parts for that item will be listed. Most of our products have a limited warranty, with periods that vary by product type, so if the model number is not available or the item cannot be found on our website, it is possible that the product is out of warranty coverage, and a replacement product will need to purchased. Please contact our customer service team at 800-558-8700 if you need any help with this.

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How do I estimate freight costs for product orders?

Contact our customer service team at 800-558-8700 to obtain a freight cost estimate and to understand minimum freight costs for different order sizes.

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I'm interested in a particular product and want to know if you offer a similar or matching item. How do I identify the model number of such a product?

The best way is to navigate to the category page for that particular product on our website. Use the search and filter features on the left hand side to filter by collection, finish, size, etc.

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If I have an old fixture, how can I find a suitable replacement fixture?

We encourage you to browse our online catalog  to view our current product designs and styles.  Tools and filters are available within the category and sub-category pages to assist you.

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Who is my Design House sales representative?

Please contact our customer service team by email at or by phone at 800-558-8700 to identify the correct sales representative for your area.

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What is a multiplier?

A customer's multiplier is their discount level off list price, and it is determined by many paramenters of how we do business with that particular customer. Please contact customer service (800-558-8700) to get in touch with our sales team for more information.

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What prepaid freight options are available?

We offer a number of pre-paid freight options that are tied directly to your order size. Please contact customer service at 800-558-8700 for more specific details and to determine which freight class applies to you.

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Do you carry overstock products or products for liquidation that are available for sale?

We occasionally carry overstock products or discontinued products that are sold with temporary sales promotions. These items are communicated to our customers via email. Our sales team can also provide this information to you.

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How do I find out if a store near me sells Design House products?

To find store locations that sell our product, visit our dealer locator page and enter your zip code.  The map will populate with the store location nearest you.  Keep in mind that a Design House dealer can order from our full-line catalog and may not carry our full product line.

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What type of businesses do you sell to?

Our distribution network includes over 3,000 customers in the United States and Canada. The businesses we sell to include: independent dealers, home centers, hardware and DIY stores, consumer retailers, specialty stores, distributors, and maintenance and repair operators.

Visit our become a dealer page and complete the inquiry if you are interested in becoming a dealer of ours.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept wire transfers, ACH, checks and credit cards as forms of payment for orders.

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For multi-unit housing projects, what is the product availability?

Product leadtimes are generally 90 to 100 days for direct import orders.

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